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Our focus is fresh ingredients for better tasting, healthy-ish cocktails. We enjoy showcasing seasonal fruits and vegetables to compliment any event.  Fresh pressed juice may contain antioxidants, high vitamin content and minerals, giving our cocktails "healthier" alternatives to your everyday mixers filled with artificial everything.

We're mixing popular classics our way and creating original and custom cocktail recipes, with health and planet in mind.  Made to order cocktail ingredients are included when you book any everything but the booze bar service cocktail package. We provide mocktail options too! Same quality ingredients without the booze.

CLICK HERE for ways to enjoy our cocktails without the service.

From your favorite classics to custom creations, check out a few cocktails we're mixing up.
Book any one of our bar packages for craft cocktails to compliment your occasion.
Contact us for more options.  We have plenty.


the lemon drop

Citrus Vodka | Fresh Lemon Mixer | Orange-Lemon Syrup

Dehydrated Lemon

summer crush

Cucumber Vodka | Fresh Watermelon Mixer 

Simply Simple | Fresh Mint

Fresh Mint + Dehydrated Lemon Garnish

*available late Spring/Summer

Ruby Scarlet

Grapefruit Vodka | Orange Liqueur | Rosemary Syrup

Fresh Lemon Mixer | Cranberry

Dehydrated Lemon + Rosemary Garnish


the humble anjou

Vanilla Vodka | Fresh Pear Mixer | Dehydrated Lemon Garnish

*available Fall/Winter

- RUM -

the daiquiri

Rum | Simply Simple | Fresh Lime Mixer | Dehydrated Lime


Rum | Fresh Mint | Fresh Lime Mixer | Simply Simple

BH Club Soda

Fresh Mint + Dehydrated Lime Garnish

Dark+ stormy

Dark Rum | Fresh Lime Mixer | BH Ginger Beer | Fresh Mint

Dehydrated Lime Garnish


island vibes

Dark Rum |  Fresh Pineapple-Ginger Mixer

Simply Simple | Old Fashioned Bitters

Dehydrated Pineapple + Lime Garnish

berhana mama

Apple + Guava Vodka | Coconut Rum | Banana Liqueur

Fresh Pineapple-Ginger Mixer | Pomegranate-Cherry Syrup

Old Fashioned Bitters

Fresh Mint + Dehydrated Pineapple Garnish

- GIN -

the gimlet

Gin | Fresh Lime Mixer | Simply Simple | Dehydrated Lime Garnish

French 75

Gin | Fresh Lemon Mixer | Simply Simple | Bubbles

Dehydrated Lemon Garnish

Perfect thyming

Gin | Elderflower Liqueur | Fresh Thyme | Thyme Syrup

Fresh Cranberry Mixer 

Dehydrated Lemon + Fresh Thyme Garnish

lavender bees knees

Gin | Lavender Infused GA Honey Water | Fresh Lemon Mixer 

Bubbles | Dehydrated Lemon Garnish

*available Spring/Summer


the classico

Reposado | Fresh Lime Mixer | Agave Syrup

Dehydrated Lime Garnish

Tequila sunrise

Reposado | Fresh Orange Mixer | Fresh Lime Mixer

Pomegranate-Cherry Syrup | Dehydrated Lime Garnish

rHuby's margarita

Blanco | Orange Liqueur | Strawberry-Rhubarb Syrup

Fresh Lime Mixer | Dehydrated Lime Garnish

*available Spring/Summer

my Paloma is smoking

Mezcal | Aperol | Fresh Lime Mixer | Agave Syrup

Fresh Grapefruit Mixer | Dehydrated Grapefruit + Lime | Dry Ice


old fashioned

Rye | Simply Simple | Orange + Old Fashioned Bitters

Orange + Lemon Peel


Rye | Sweet Vermouth | Old Fashioned Bitters

Dark Cherry | Orange Peel


Georgian Julep

Bourbon | House Made Ginger Syrup | Fresh Mint

Peach Bitters | Fresh Peaches + Mint Garnish


Bourbon berry smash

Bourbon | Orange Liqueur | House Made Berry Compote

Fresh Lemon | Old Fashioned Bitters | BH Club Soda


the spice is right

Apple Whiskey (sub Apple Vodka) | Fresh Ginger

Fresh Lemon | Cane Simple | Cranberry + BH Ginger Beer

Dehydrated Lemon


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