Fresh Lime Juice vs. The Bottled Stuff

Here at Milk & Honey we LOVE mixing cocktails using fresh ingredients. They simply just taste better.

We are in the middle of December and we couldn't help but notice how Spring has decided to make an appearance these past few days here in Atlanta, and it really has some of us in the mood for some festive holiday inspired Margaritas. Or maybe it's the tacos from today's lunch that really has us all geeked up.

The Margarita is a favorite cocktail among most, and a traditional drink on one of our favorite drinking days, Cinco de Mayo. Traditionally made with tequila, triple sec, & lime juice. There are tons of variations and every bartender makes theirs slightly or drastically different. We believe all ingredients are a factor when it comes to making an enjoyable Margarita. Most people would just choose premium tequila and not even consider the other ingredients. The triple sec (orange flavored liqueur) & lime juice. Or consider an even much simpler cocktail like the Daiquiri. It's just rum and lime juice. That's very few ingredients, shouldn't the best options be considered. Yes, most would opt for a premium spirit but what about the other ingredients that tie it all together surprising your taste buds with a truly satisfying experience.

So what happens when you stop and take a look at a popular ingredient like lime juice, found in a large number of cocktails consumed on a daily basis? We decided to compare the most popular and most used lime juice in today's cocktails, Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice, against our favorite option provided by Mother Nature, fresh lime juice.

Battle of the Lime Juice.jpg

Milk & Honey provides fresh lime juice along with a number of other popular juice mixers such as orange & pineapple juices. The juices and garnishes we provide are fresh and ready for mixing with your favorite spirits. View Milk & Honey Package Options for more information. We would love to be apart of your next event.

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