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More than a bartending service, we are a lifestyle choice. 


Created with health and planet in mind, Milk & Honey Bartending is an Atlanta based, home, private event and lifestyle brand, providing full service craft cocktail catering and bartending services to all of Georgia, and beyond.  


Popularized for our service standards and aesthetically pleasing bar set ups, our original recipes and fresh takes on popular classics are always the talk of the party!  Our focus is real food and conscious serving operations.  Providing everything from fresh pressed made-to-order beverage ingredients to sustainable and eco-conscious party bar necessities.  We are a mobile bartending company with health and planet in mind.  Our cocktails are "healthy-ish" eliminating artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavor enhancers, coloring/dyes, and other added ingredients found in most off the shelf mixers.  We're making drinking in moderation more approachable, while providing alternatives to libations for the health conscious consumer. 


Explore our site to learn more.

Together let's cheers to a better way to drink!


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