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Milk & Honey Bartending is a mobile bartending service mixing and serving signature craft cocktails with a focus on fresh organic cocktail ingredients for your occasions.  Our services and bar staff give rise to a better way to drink.  Our intention is to promote drinking responsibly with health and planet in mind by providing honest ingredients.  We provide fresh cocktail mixers that free of chemical additives, such as artificial colors, flavor enhancers, or  artificial sweeteners.  Offering a variety of fresh cocktail mixers, we provide small batched, house made syrups such as grenadine, freshly squeeze  juices, such as lime and pineapple, also potassium rich mixers like fresh coconut water.  Milk & Honey bartenders will mix and serve your favorite classics like the 'Margarita' or 'Lemon Drop Martini', or you can check out our seasonal cocktail menu.  We also create custom cocktails based on spirit , flavor, and color preferences.  All made with REAL ingredients for refreshing and delicious cocktails.  Our cocktail creations are endless!  


Our services are ideal for small gatherings, a well as large high volume events so, lets live it up and party organically whatever your occasion -



birthday party

holiday party

grand opening

company events & more!  

Milk & Honey Bartending will bring the spirit to your celebration!

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Milk & Honey Bartending provides professional and friendly bar staff for any occasion.

Milk & Honey Bartending is servsafe Certified through the National Restaurant Association AND ALSO certified through TIPS® Training for Intervention Procedures. 


We understand that many cocktail mixers in your typical everyday cocktail such as fruit juices (pineapple juice, orange juice, and lime juice for example) and cocktail syrups, are packed with refined sugars, which play a BIG role in those awful hangovers the morning after.  Also, enhanced for a longer shelf life and taste are added chemicals, artificial flavors, and food colors/dyes.  When choosing real ingredient alternatives, not only will your drinks taste better but you and your guests are avoiding those pesky added ingredients while possibly receiving the health benefits of consuming say, fresh pressed ginger (a well known anti-inflammatory).


Many people are becoming more mindful of what they eat and drink; shouldn’t that include mindful cocktails?  Being health conscious doesn’t mean you don’t have options when it comes to alcoholic beverages.  With a variety of spirit options from organic and bio-dynamic wine, to acai alcohol, and even green gin and rum, we all could be sippin' sustain-ably and supporting our planet one cocktail at a time. 


Organic cocktails mixed with real ingredients not only promise better tasting cocktails, but also a production process that’s more environmentally sound for our planet and all involved in the process, from the farmer to the party planner to event guests.  Milk & Honey Bartending source ingredients from farmers who produce crops without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or genetically modified crops which can result in contamination of soil, air and ground water.  Milk & Honey Bartending’s style parallels the growth of the Slow Food movement, reflecting a growing concern with sourcing food sustain-ably and a greater awareness of how the choices we make today affect our planet tomorrow.  The differences between fresh ingredient cocktails and conventional ones are easily detected on the palate.  The difference it makes in the livelihood of the farmers working the fields, the health of the bees, and other living creatures cannot be overstated.  By drinking organic, we can make an impact beyond our immediate lifestyle by supporting organic products, and making an investment in a cleaner future. 

Milk & Honey Bartending is dedicated to mixing cocktails with health and planet in mind.  Lets cheers to that!