More Than Mixing Drinks

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Hi, I'm Brittney, owner of Milk & Honey Bartending, a home, private event and lifestyle brand, providing full service craft cocktail catering and bartending services to all of Georgia, and beyond. 

Based in Atlanta, Milk & Honey Bartending is more than showing up and mixing drinks. My team of real world bartenders and I, are giving rise to a better way to drink, and encouraging a more mindful way to celebrate.

Our focus is real ingredients, from garden to glass, and conscious serving operations.  Providing a variety of seasonal craft made-to-order ingredients, we provide fresh pressed juice mixers, house made, hand crafted syrups, craft garnishes and more. Our cocktails eliminate your typical off the shelf mixers, that include ingredients like, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavor enhancers, dyes, and a variety of unfamiliar ingredients we can't pronounce.

Our cocktails are healthy-ish, but let's be real, alcohol is a toxin, that's why it's important that if you choose to imbibe, it's encouraged to do so responsibly.  We're making drinking in moderation more approachable. Bringing libations into lifestyles of those who care about what's in their food and drink, and look to make more mindful and sustainable decisions in their everyday lives. We avoid plastic wherever possible, while also providing sustainable and eco-conscious alternatives to event bar necessities. From biodegradable cocktail straws, reusable and recyclable drink ware and more, we provide everything but the booze. But we can provide the booze too! We'll also recycle, where we can, all plastic, glass, and aluminum accumulated at your event.  

Together let's cheers to a better way to drink.