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Here's a look at how we will calculate your estimate. When considering us for your event, understanding costs is to understand our unique perspective and service standards. Click here to learn more about us.

Designed to be your one stop, event bar shop, a la carte service options are limited. Continue reading for clarity on our pricing structure and why our rates may be higher than comparable services.


We believe in providing fair wages for everyone on our team. In an industry where bartenders show up to work and possibly get paid based on customers tips, we don't believe it's appropriate to leave their income to chance. While tipping the bartender is still the expectation, our minimum hourly rate covers the labor associated with duties performed on-site. The estimated time to set-up and clean-up are also calculated into the total number of on-site hours, and will vary based on the details of your event. The larger the party, the longer it will take to set-up and possibly clean-up. Due to the nature of our service and standards, we require 1 bartender per 20 guests, without bar rentals. A bar back will be necessary for additional guests, and/or when adding on portable bar rental and more.


There is more to bartending than mixing drinks. Bar backs are the necessary support for a successfully operating bar and may be added based on the details of your event. Our acting bar back(s) are also experienced bartenders and are able to assist with mixing drinks when necessary. Due to the nature of our service and standards, we are unable to negotiate the number of team members we provide.


We provide full service beverage catering, managing your event bar from booking to last call. Answering your questions through planning and assisting where you need it. We extend our knowledge and expertise in bar management and mixology to make your event bar seamless. Our seasonal menus, customized shopping list, recommendations, made-to-order ingredients, special requests, and more are included with service. Cost will vary based on the details of your event and may increase based on changes made during the planning process.


  • Drinkware - Glassware and/or Disposable Cups

  • Cocktail Straws

  • Beverage Napkins

  • Ice


Standard glassware and/or shatterproof drink ware, straws, napkins, and ice are provided. All of our service necessities are of notable quality and reflect the nature and standards of Milk & Honey Bartending. If you prefer to provide your own, you are welcomed to do so. However, our standards require the use of sustainable and eco-conscious materials. Plastic-free straws for example.

Plastic-free earth friendly drinking straws for cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages


Standard with our service, seasonal craft made-to-order beverage ingredients are provided. Separate from our premium carbonated options, we do not provide store bough mixers. All cocktail and mocktail ingredients are seasonally fresh, and handcrafted from scratch. Because of this, our service costs may seem considerably higher than comparable services. On the other hand, the integrity of our beverages and service standards are what sets us apart.


Alcohol costs cannot be shared upfront. Developing a bar menu is the first and necessary step for developing a shopping list. It's impossible to share how much something will cost, without first an understanding what's being served. A bottle of Tito's is a different price than a bottle of Herradura. Lemon Drops require a different spirit than an Old Fashioned. During the planning process, we will work with you to create a bar menu compatible with your needs and vision.


Travel fees are applied to any event where mileage exceeds 50 miles from downtown Atlanta. We may travel wherever you need us, however, for the safety of our team, overnight accommodations may be required where venue locations exceed 1.5 hour drive time and/or if an event extends past midnight with an exceeded 1.5 hour drive time.


We are happy to serve from your home kitchen island, built in home bar or any other appropriate clean structure you or your venue may have available. Understand, the amount of space needed to serve will depend on the details of your event. The more guests you'll have, the more space will be needed. We will work with you to help navigate what option will work best if you are unsure. Should you need it, options to rent from us are available.

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